1. If your ring has white gold prong work, avoid chlorine.   Chlorine attacks the alloy that makes gold white, and creates microscopic cracks that can lead to catastrophic prong failure.   Chlorine can be found in household cleansers, pools and hot tubs.   Platinum is not affected by chlorine.

2. Take your ring off at night.   Cotton fabric will polish the prong tips slightly when ever you move under the covers.   This wear is very minor at first but over years the prongs will literally wear away until they disappear.   Taking your ring off at night is the simplest thing you can do to insure that your ring will last a long time.  

3. Get your ring cleaned and checked frequently.   By having your ring inspected regularly, a jeweler can catch a problem before it becomes a disaster.   Cleaning and minor adjustments like stone tightening are done at no charge while you wait.  

4. If you wear rings on both hands be careful when you clap your hands.   Metal hitting metal, or gemstone hitting gemstone, can cause serious damage to your ring.  

5. Be careful when you lift heavy objects with your ring on.   For example, a bucket of water weighs about 50 pounds.   That weight is borne on a thin wire handle that can easily squeeze your ring out of shape.   Other culprits might include heavy suitcases and shopping baskets.

6. Some activities are particularly hard on your ring.   Rock climbing and gardening are examples.   Enjoy your ring but please be kind to it.  

7. PLATINUM:   Due to its resistance to wear platinum is the most long lasting of the jewelry metals, however this property should not be confused with hardness.   Platinum is actually softer than most alloys of gold.   Evidence of this softness will appear as scuffs, scratches and dents on the surface.   Because of this you should avoid wearing your ring in situations where you might come in contact with abrasive materials like sand or soil, metal edges, scouring pads, gritty cleansers, sand paper, steel wool etc.   Repolishing your ring is always possible, but due to platinum's resistance to wear it is somewhat difficult to repolish.   We recommend that you let us repolish your ring as many stores will not be equipped to do the job properly.  

One other issue that arises from the soft nature of platinum is the fact that gemstones will settle into the platinum as the ring is worn.   Stones that are bezel set, bar set, or prong set will often sink down into the platinum slightly and need to be retightened.   This is most likely to occur when the ring is first worn.   We recommend that you let us tighten any stones.  

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